​​Founded 1913

Become a member
Men and women can join the Generale Ameglio and hold any position on the administration, including president. To join, you need a regular member to sponsor you. Annual dues are $125 (prorated after January). The administration reviews all membership applications for approval. Your sponsoring member can obtain an application for you from the association’s finance secretary.

The Generale Ameglio has two types of membership:

  • Regular members are of Italian origin or descent. They can participate in assembly meetings, vote on issues and serve on the administration.
  • Social members are of non-Italian origin or descent. They may participate in assembly meetings but cannot vote or serve on the administration. Social members may serve on committees and vote on committee decisions.

Membership applicants under age 18 are considered social members and are exempt from paying annual dues. Membership applicants who are full-time students are considered regular members and are exempt from paying annual dues. 

​​​​​Generale Ameglio Civic Association

 13 Beaver Street, New Britain, CT

Visit the Generale Ameglio’s clubroom with a member without restriction for 60 days. After that, you need to apply for membership to continue entering the clubroom.